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$75 Ultrasonic Scrubber Facial

(60 Minute Sessions)

Ultrasonic Scrubber -Exfoliate / Renew For Luminous Skin-

Frequency Electrotherapy.

$110 Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

(75 Minute Sessions)

-Diamond Microdermabrasion 

- Oxygen -Nourishes, hydrates,

moisturizes, cools and refreshes. optional (Bipolar / Ultrasound), 

-LED Light treatment

-Frequency Electrotherapy.

$150 Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial

(90 Minute Sessions)


- Oxygen 

- Bipolar 

- Ultrasonic

-LED light treatment

-Frequency Electrotherapy.

$150 Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

(90 Minutes Sessions)


 -Diamond Microdermabrasion or Hyrda Dermabrasion

-LED light-bipolar

-Frequency Electrotherapy

European Facial

Consists of steam, extraction, mask, and massage

Galvanic Facial

(also referred to as a Micro-Current Facial) 

is a specialized

facial where mild pulses of energy — called galvanic

electrical currents — are sent to your facial muscles

with a specialized device. This is used to increase the

regeneration of cells in your skin.

In the beginning of the session, a specialized pretreatment

gel will be applied to your face. Next, a small metal instrument will

be used to send the galvanic electrical current to your facial muscles. This

helps tone them and tighten any sagging skin. In addition, it will help to

smooth and rejuvenate skin and decrease the size of pores. The treatment

is painless and done in less than an hour. Some people report a mild tingling

feeling on their face during and directly after the procedure.

Oxygen Facial

An oxygen facial is done with a machine that applies pure, pressurized

oxygen onto the skin and helps reduce fine lines and

wrinkles. Oxygen facial treatments also help increase

the production of collagen, which can help you have

healthier and younger-looking skin.

This treatment is designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen

growth. It involves a machine that is used for spraying highly concentrated

molecules of oxygen right into your epidermis (the outer layer of your skin).

The oxygen that’s applied to your face and neck is infused with vitamins,

minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts. Celebrities, including

Madonna, swear by this technique for smoother and plumper skin.

Ultrasonic Facial

During an Ultrasonic Facial, high level sound wave technology is used to

penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, promoting

cellular renewal and repair, toning of muscles,

increasing blood circulation, e - Ultrasonic Facial ncouraging lymphatic

drainage, and improving skin care product penetration.

Ultrasonic Scrubber

"Technically, it's a water-based exfoliation

treatment," It works by being activated by

ultrasonic sound-waves (28,000 vibrations

per second), to loosen up dead skin cell

build up and debris.

Through high-frequency vibration, the skin spatula can clean blackheads,

whiteheads, keratin, dead skin, spot, acne quickly. It is totally a gentle

exfoliating procedure and will not harm your skin at all.

Frequency Electrotherapy

A 4-in-1 system comes with four treatment mechanisms, intensifies the

electrical heat to the body tissue. Our device emits argon gas and

produces a safe ultraviolet light

exposure to bring oxygen into the skin

and stimulate collagen.

The high-frequency treatment is noninvasive

and highly effective in enriching the skin with nutrients and

hydration that gives you a radiant and replenished look.

One of the most popular cosmetic skin


Hydradermabrasion is a softer and less invasive chemical procedure. The

hydradermabrasion treatment is called a

HydraFacial and uses a custom water treatment

that distributes moisture, peptides and serums to

the skin to exfoliate and increase hydration. Side

effects are rare, and results are seen immediately.

-Uses the Jet Peel Machine

-Exfoliates skin and increases blood flow

-Suitable for all skin types

-Not invasive

–Sensitivity can occur

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective

ways to fight the effects of aging. With the use of high-tech skin care

products, specialists are able to penetrate deep into the skin, allowing your

body to build collagen and help you recover your youthful appearance

Microdermabrasions are effective in

correcting skin tones and renewing

a soft texture. The procedure is also

commonly used for people who suffer


• Wrinkles and lines

• Blackheads

• Acne and acne scars

• Uneven skin tones

• Sun damage

• Discoloration

Bipolar Electrodes

- Radio-frequency (RF) is the most popular technology for nonsurgical

face lifting. It works by penetrating deep into the skin and

promoting changes in the collagen structure. As we age, our skin

produces less collagen, and the quality is

not optimal. The collagen strands are

disorganized due to free radical damage.

This results in weakening of the skin and


Bipolar two poles /Electrodes - Trip Polar having 3 Poles /Electrodes

With bipolar delivery, the current from the generating machine flows

only through the tissue which is between the two electrodes on the

headpiece; these electrodes start and complete the electrical circuit.

Hence, with bipolar delivery, no current flows through the rest of the

body, so no grounding or return pad is needed.

- Bipolar-Electrodes

Diamond Microdermabrasion

7 LED Light Therapy Micro-Current

LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns compared to other anti-aging

treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It may

be safe for all skin colors and types.

It’s mainly noted for increasing collagen

and tissues. All of which can smooth out

your skin and reduce the appearance of

damage from:

• age spots

• acne

• wrinkles

• help treat acne

• decrease scarring

• promote anti-inflammatory effects

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